Oct 24, 2009

Meats and animal parts

During my recent Kham trip, I saw more yaks, both live and slaughtered, than I've ever seen. For this post, I've picked out my best photos of local meats, most of it yak-related. Enjoy this photo set on your laptop while eating a medium-rare hamburger.

In Zhongdian, Yunnan: a halal yak meat store with all sorts of yak parts. In the photo you can make out a rib cage, a head, black hair, and a bunch of organs.

In Songpan, Sichuan: the hide of a freshly slaughtered yak, laying on the street behind a pickup truck whose bed contains several yak heads.

Here are the yak heads inside the bed of the pick up truck.

A Songpan local man, feeling up some fresh yak parts for sale by a street vendor. Next time I go to Kroger or Safeway, I'm going to ask the butcher, "Can I unwrap this package of beef? I need to feel it up to get a better sense of the quality."

A sign outside a restaurant in Songpan reading "鲜牛杂", which I would translate as "fresh miscellaneous yak parts". Below the sign sits a basket of said parts.

A close-up of the miscellaneous yak parts.

Chengdu, Sichuan: spicy rabbit heads.

Check out the chompers on this one!

Chengdu, Sichuan: spicy duck heads.


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