Oct 10, 2009

Kham trip

In the coming weeks, I'll post some photos and stories from my trip to Kham, in eastern Tibet. During the October first National Day celebration, the PRC government heightened security and restricted non-PRC citizens from traveling to the Tibet Autonomous Region. For us, this was no big problem, since Kham lies to the east of the TAR boundary drawn by the PRC, in what are now the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan.

To give an idea of the Tibetan cultural sphere, here's a map of what Tibet used to look like, in yellow, before its partitioning by the PRC.

Here's our trip route, superimposed on the map:

To give a sense of the travel time involved, the bus ride from Shangri-La to Daocheng is about 12 hours over bumpy, muddy mountain roads. Daocheng to Kangding is a 14 hour bus ride. Chengdu to Huanglong/Jiuzhaigou is a one-hour flight.


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