Sep 21, 2009

Stupid Korean shirts

I was surfing on Taobao, the Chinese eBay equivalent, and I came across some University of Michigan football gear. Problem is, these dumb dumbs used USC's colors:

On the Taobao page it says the shirt is "韩版" (hán bǎn, "Korean edition"). I guess Koreans get their school colors mixed up.

It could have been worse, I guess, they could have used red and white — Ohio State's colors. Let me use this opportunity to share my favorite Ohio State joke:
How do you drive from Ann Arbor to Columbus?
You go south until you smell it, then east until you step in it.
Now back to the subject of Koreans and US universities and sports teams. I was in a Lotus Center in Beijing recently (like a Chinese Wal-Mart), and I seen a Korean dude wearing a Tigers cap with the old English D logo. He was coming up the escalator towards me as I was headed down on the other side. I shout out to the dude, "Yeah, Detroit", as I pass by, raising my fist up in a power salute. But there wasn't even a nod or glance of recognition from this cat. If you're going to wear the old English D, at least know what it means.

Here's another funny shirt from Taobao:

This time they got the colors right at least — green and white for Michigan State. Why is this ad funny? I can tell you, this girl is definitely not a State student, present or former. No offense to my friends that went to Michigan State, but I just can't picture this girl burning a couch at Cedar Village. She'd be much more at home in a Sanrio store than at football or basketball game. Could she even down twenty-one shots on her birthday?

There are, in fact, plenty of decent sports team hats and shirts on Taobo. It just irks me when they post stupid shirts and stupid models.


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