Sep 17, 2009

Nationalism is a drug

My apartment community sits next to a local university's athletic complex. Every morning and every evening for the past month, there's been a huge group of Chinese Jugendliche outside my window, yelling, chanting, and jeering as loud as they can. I can't really make out what they're shouting about, but it's pretty darn frightening to have a rambunctious crowd of that size hootin' and hollerin'. They look like they're getting pumped up to go invade Japan or maybe go lynch some Americans imperialists. Who knows.

All this hoopla is in the name of the upcoming sixtieth Chinese national anniversary on October first. From what I've heard, every single college student in Beijing is obligated to participate in the parade, and in preparation, and to go to practices like the one outside my window. Here's a view of one of the sub-groups of students doing laps around the track as they march and chant. All together there's around five or six groups of this size.

I put together a short video so you viewers at home can get the full idea. The clip is only about a minute. If you want to experience Beijing as I do, just keep looping that clip over and over again for two hours, once in the morning around seven, and once in the evening around five.

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