Sep 23, 2009

Nationalism is a drug: part II

In my recent post "Nationalism is a drug" I showed a video of what I though was a bunch of college students that were preparing for the October 1 PRC National Day parade.

After listening more to the chanting and yelling of the students, it appears they might actually just be doing their daily exercises as part of phys ed class. I won't be sure until I see the broadcast of the parade. If these students are in the parade chanting the same lines, I'll know that they were preparing. If the students are not in the parade, I'll know that this was really their daily exercise routine.

For those of you that understand some Chinese, listen to my video again. I had initially thought that they were chanting:
"中华人民共和国! 中华人民共和国!"
Translation: "People's Republic of China! People's Republic of China!"
It turns out that the students are actually chanting about sports and exercise. They're yelling that exercise is good and it's good to be in shape.

We'll have to wait and see what turns up in the parade on October 1.


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