Sep 15, 2009

A joke to play using a cigarette

I invented a funny joke recently, but I think I'm the only one that thinks it's funny. I thought of it while attending a Chinese wedding reception, the kind with the big round banquet tables with eight or so people each. At each table, the lazy Susan is decked out with bottles of beer, Sprite, Coke, Maotai liquor, and of course, there's also a cigarette lighter and a little white plate of individual cigarettes. The smokes are piled high in the shape of a pyramid. This is a pretty typical layout for Chinese weddings I've been to.

Having to look at the pyramid of cigarette thorough the meal gave me the great idea for a joke. It's a visual joke, by the way, so it can work well with both American and international listeners. Here's how you set up the joke:
You grab an unlit cigarette and dangle it from your lips. They you say, "Guess who I am." (If you're in China, you say, "猜我是谁")

You pause for a few seconds while people guess, and for comedic effect, and then you shout out, "I'm Obama!" (If you're in China, you say, "我是奥巴马!").

I think pretty much everyone will understand this joke because most people have seen the authentic Obama photo that was floating around the Internet prior to the election.

I've not gotten too much positive response from my Chinese friends so far on this joke. Maybe they've not see the photo, so it's not as funny for them. I'll need to try it out on some Americans and see how it goes.


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