Sep 29, 2009

Chinese name gender guesser

I had some fun with the Chinese Name Gender Guesser.

I started off seriously. I entered Mei Lan Fang, a famous Chinese opera singer that even had a movie made about him. I had always thought his name was kind of girly-sounding in Chinese. Sure enough, the gender guesser agreed with me:

Then I though of Garfield the cat, who is male as far as I know, but the computer guessed he has a girl's name:

After Garfield, I decided to try "asshole" in Chinese. (Note that this is the slang term for the body part, and not the slang term to call someone an asshole) Turns out that this is a female name:

The next two are authentic Beijing local swear-phrases that you can hear cabbies yelling from time-to-time. The computer says they're both female:


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