Aug 26, 2009

Unsettling TBJ Gallery Photos

There's a very entertaining thread on the forum section of called "Unsettling TBJ Gallery Photos". People have picked out some of the strange photos from the gallery section of the site to comment on. Here's some of the photo highlights and the comments that people have left:

People's comments:
  • "Did the photographer really think some greasy chunks of fried chicken would make a good foreground? Is this the choice Ansel Adams would have made?"
  • "I can only imagine Admin gave his camera to his kiddie to play with then uploaded every shot to this website for 'encouragement'"
  • "what kind of animal is that around that chinese girls neck"
  • "it looks like a soup kitchen for homeless dorks and hutong laowai"
  • "oh, this girl looks like a sick pig....."
  • "The sheer joy of everyone really jumps off the screen, doesn't it?"
  • "mock it if you must but please don't underestimate the difficulty of capturing this classic moment in time. Our photographer had to spend 45 minutes crouched in a pan of tepid kung pao chicken to get this one."
  • "...the homeless laowai soup kitchen is open from November to mid March. They have fewer opportunities to panhandle in the colder months, and tend to freeze to death in their hutong hovels without electricity."

Another one:

One entertaining comment:
  • "Chinese dude on the right has the NJ guido look down pat--the head angled down, the pouty lips and the spray-on tan."

And someone's Photoshop edit of the first picture above, Being John Malkovich style:

Take a break from work or school and enjoy the entire six pages of inappropriate commenting and bad behavior. I had a good laugh or two, and even more, I learned a new slang term: "starfish".


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Nice blog, dude! I wonder what proxy you use to write blogs in Beijing? The one I use is good for viewing only. Thanks in advance.

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