Aug 24, 2009

The sales presentation

I frequently walk through the lobby of an adjacent office building to get to my gym. Inside this lobby, they've set up a small counter that serves coffee. Patrons can sit at tables spread around the atrium.

Passing through the lobby recently, I noticed a group of three middle-aged Chinese men sitting around a table together with one young woman. The men were all intensely focused on what the woman was saying.

Spread before the young lady on the table were a handful of different types of Maxi pads. The three guys were staring in awe at her as she dripped water from a glass into each one. It was just like a TV commercial. She might have actually been demoing pantiliners, but I didn't ask.

I can't decide which was more entertaining, that there was a Maxi pad demonstration in a public venue, or the stunned reactions of the three guys watching. The guys didn't seem grossed out or anything. It seemed more like they were fascinated, having made a deep discovery about the secrets of the female sex.


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