Aug 8, 2009

Pig virus preparedness

Shopping centers in Beijing continue their vigilance to contain the spread of the fearsome H1N1 pig virus. I noticed this sign at a local grocery store complex the other day:

I have a better picture of the sign below. My translation:
Kind reminder regarding prevention and control of the H1N1 pig virus:
In the interest of everyone's health, we request that people returning to Beijing from countries and regions with epidemics, as well as those who exhibit flu-like symptoms go to a medical establishment to seek treatment. Additionally, the aforementioned people should reduce their visits to public places.

I'm trying to do my part to reduce the spread of H1N1 as well. The other day when I was waiting for the elevator to go up to my office, I see this guy walking over, and he lets out this long "haaaaaack" noise (the noise we're all to familiar with here in China) like he's about to cough up a big, thick, yellow loogie.

The guy starts to lean forward so he can spit his yellow wad of phlegm all over the metallic knee-high wastebasket with the cigarette ashtray on top. So I says to the guy, in Chinese of course, "Swallow it. (吞下吧)" Then he gives me this animated look with wide eyes, like he can't figure out what to do. So I tell him a couple more times. The guy starts pantomiming to me like he wants my permission to spit up in the ashtray, as he was originally planning. Then he ignores me completely and spits up his phlegm all over the garbage can and the ashtray. Horrible.

I'm trying to do my part, but I'm having little effect other than to amuse people.

Reminds me, I should schedule a latent TB skin test.


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