Aug 6, 2009

Photo quiz

Here's a fun photo quiz for you.

1. Who are these two people?
A. A priest regretting his celibacy vow while staring longingly at one of his parishioners
B. A co-ed gangsta rap duo
C. A Chinese couple's wedding photo

2. Who are these two people?
A. Brother and sister, prior to the brother going away to the seminary
B. Folk singers from Yunnan province
C. A Chinese couple's traditional-style wedding photo

3. Who is this man?

A. Father Zhang, of Xuanwumen Catholic church in Beijing
B. A bouncer at a nightclub in Sanlitun
C. A fashionable celebrity

The correct answer to all of the questions above is "C". Up until recently, I would have incorrectly answered "A" for all of them.

This is because whenever I would see a Chinese man wearing one of those cool black jackets like they're wearing above, I'd think he was a priest. When I'd encounter someone like that on the street, I'd start to ask him which parish he's from, and what times they have Sunday mass. I'm always on the lookout for new churches to try out, you know. I still haven't found a church that has donuts and coffee after mass. That's my ultimate goal.

It turns out that I was mistaking regular Chinese guys for priests, and that they were wearing the so-called Zhong Shan Zhuang (中山装), named after the famous Sun Yat-sen.

If I wore one of these numbers to Sunday mass when I'm in the US, would it be wrong? People would come up to me and say, "Good morning, Father. Why are you sitting in a regular pew?"

And then I'd say, "I'm sorry, I'm not a priest. This is actually a Zhong Shan Zhuang. It just happens to look very similar to priest's attire." I've shied away from this little practical joke, though.

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