Aug 2, 2009

The moldy muffins

There's a small convenience store on the ground floor of our office building. It's more of a converted broom closet than an actual store, and they sell everything there from tampons to Tang.

So I went in the other day, hoping to stock up on my junk food collection for those late nights at the office. I'm partial to mini donuts, Oreos, and chips. As I was looking through the shelves with the donuts and other pastries, I came a cross a bag of Bimbo brand lemon flavored muffins that had turned green. My first thought was that, hey, maybe these are in fact Key lime muffins, but then I remembered that they don't got no limes in China. Obviously, this was a bag of lemon muffins that had gone bad.

So take the bag of muffins and walk ten feet to the cashier, and I says to the little girl at the counter, "Hey, these donuts have gone bad. Look at the date on this bag", I says, as I point out to her the date printed, which was from two weeks ago. "We oughta throw 'em out", I says to her. Then I make start to toss the bag into the cardboard box near the door that serves as their rubbish bin.

The cashier girl starts to go hyper on me, and nearly jumps across the counter to prevent me from throwing the bag out. "We can return these, we can return these", she angrily yells at me. I guess they have an agreement with the donut supplier where they can exchange their moldy muffins for free.

Then the hyper girl grabbed the mold muffins from my hand, and casually tossed them back on another shelf.

Always be on the lookout for moldy muffins if you're shopping in a convenience store set up in converted broom closet.


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