Aug 20, 2009

Crazy cat boutique

After dinner one night at a new restaurant at the Jian Wai SOHO office and shopping complex in Beijing, I stumbled upon a proprietor who had converted her entire apartment space into a cat store. The place is decorated with flowery, frilly wallpaper and white furniture. There had to be around fifty cats running around this place.

If they enforced health codes and zoning more rigorously over here, I'm sure this shop would be in violation of something. Fifty darn cats pooping and shedding in the same building that houses twenty floors of offices and a few restaurants can't be a good combination.

Even the store doesn't get removed for a health violation, I don't think this is a sustainable business. Rents at SOHO are so high that the cat store would need to turn over their whole cat inventory each month just to stay even. I took some pictures of this crazy cat boutique for posterity.

Some of the tamer, flat-faced cats are allowed to roam free around the store. The smaller cats are locked up in glass paneled cabinets, as you'll see here:

If you're a cat lover or just want a unique experience, give this place a walk-through if you're in the neighborhood. You can pretty much play around with all the cats as much as you want. There's even an obese, hairy Pekingese shuffling around, trying to fit in with the cats.

I believe this crazy place was in in building 9, second floor.


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