Jul 8, 2009

True Blood book set

I started to anticipate the show True Blood last year after I listened to the NPR interview with Alan Ball, the show's creator. This is now my favorite cable show since The Wire and The Sopranos finished up. (Dexter is supposed to have another season in the fall, and that takes a close second.)

Near my office in Beijing, I came across a book peddler, the kind that rides an adult-sized tricycle with a platform full of books in the back. He had the set of the first 7 books in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. His opening price was 65 yuan ($9.50) for the set. My final price, after taxes and AAA discount, was 45 yuan ($6.60). The martinis and Long Island that I drink in Beijing clubs cost me more than that.

Each book is individually shrink wrapped to protect against the Beijing dust and pollution, and the set is bundled together with nylon string. With this set of books, I'm looking forward to picking up the story after the current season of the cable show.

The stories are very fresh. I enjoyed the books so far as much as I've enjoyed the cable show. I hope Charlaine Harris is getting some type of royalties from my Chinese book vendor, but I suspect not. If you don't have a Chinese book peddler in your neighborhood, the same set of 7 books can be yours for $30 on Amazon. I figure the least I can do is put a little advertisement for the author here.


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