Jul 14, 2009


What's not to love about Andrew Dice Clay?. I had the great opportunity recently to catch Dice do a live show (not in Beijing, thank you -- would his visa even be approved?). On my list of comics I would want to see perform live, Dice would be towards the very top. Dice is one of the comics that's helped me through many a difficult day living in China. I can't count how many times I've re-listened to The Day the Laughter Died.

I re-watched I'm Over Here Now recently, and I have to say, Dice has mellowed his show out considerably since 2000. There's still plenty of inappropriate humor in his 2009 act, but I would rate his 2000 act 9 out of 10 for profanity and inappropriateness, while the 2009 show is 7 out of 10.

Above: Dice in the middle of his set: "Oh!"

Dice is not always funny, but he's always entertaining. When you see him live or on TV, you go through many different emotions: amused, offended, shocked, angry, worried (if you're sitting in the front row and you think he's going to pick on you). Do you get this range of emotional response with Dane Cook?

The Dice show I saw was great. I realize he's is not for everybody, though. There's plenty of people that are really turned off by just the mention of the guy's name. But if you think of Dice as a character, kind of like the Tony Clifton character, I think he can be appreciated and enjoyed a lot more. Dice, with the occasional sexism and misogyny, is just a long, dirty joke, for everyone's entertainment, like The Aristocrats.

Dice's act these days has very funny material, and some good jokes about Obama. I'm most entertained when Dice interacts with and makes fun of audience members. There's nothing quite like Dice talking off the cuff. Although I enjoyed seeing him on that first episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, what I really enjoyed was when he was interviewed on TV shows afterwards, complaining about being the first one fired by Donald Trump. During the interview I saw, Dice is making fun of Clint Black (Dice: "I thought to myself, shit kicker"), disparaging Donald Trump (Dice: "Donnie Chump"), and raving about Khloe Kardashian (Dice: "You know me, I like my chicks thick and beefy").

I'll end this post with one of my favorite bits from the show I saw. I liked this one so much because it was so true. Here it is (you'll have to imagine the New York accent and Dice's cadence of the delivery):

People today are assholes. They don't know how to have fun anymore.

I go to a party, all I see today: people standing around in a circle.

"Oh, look at my phone." Assholes. "Look at my phone. Look at the case my phone came in."

Asshole humans. This is what you do.

All you do today, is walk around, searching for a f*cking signal.

With buses coming at you. You're assholes.

"D-d-did ya get my email?"

And you look at the guy, "Just f*cking tell me, you're right in front of me. What the f*ck is wrong witch you today?"

"You wanna hear my ring?"

The next part of the bit is where Dice describes how much fun parties used to be. I'm going to leave that part for now. Too many dirty words and body fluid references for my PG-13 blog.

If you get a chance, check out this clip of Gilbert Gottfried impersonating Dice. Hilarious.


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