Jun 25, 2009

Welcome to China

Here's what you get these days upon landing in China from abroad.

"Welcome to China, virus-infected Americans. I'm your designated greeter. Assume the position while I take your temperature."

Note that this fellow in the photo above is wearing his N95 respirator incorrectly; there's a huge gap by his chin, rendering it ineffective. One strap should go over the ear, the other under. Guess they left out the incredibly difficult two minutes of training on how to fit a mask. Goes to show, everything is for show and nothing else. The appearance of control and organization is what counts here. Results are secondary.

Back to the temperature scan: if you're 0.1 degrees above normal, you're getting stuck in quarantine in a shitty hotel with the windows sealed and the air conditioning turned off. For 7 days.

I've not been too worried, though. Like a boyscout, I'm always prepared. I travel with a digital thermometer and Tylenol these days just in case.

Does this next photo look degrading or what?

"Bald man, hold still while I measure the luminosity of your skull with my electric wand."

There's never any shortage of amusement here.

Why the ridiculous approach to flu control? This blog post has a good overview. (short version: the PRC government screwed the pooch with SARS, now they're trying to redeem themselves by overdoing this pig virus business.)


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