Jun 28, 2009

Kosher airline food

My older family members, who surely recall the days when air travel was glamorous and expensive, are always curious what it's like to fly these days. I tell them that air travel has gotten to the point where air tickets are a commodity, something to be purchased at the lowest price from whichever carrier gives the best deal. Passengers, especially coach passengers, are things, to be transported from A to B with the least expense and hassle. If you want a chance at decent service, you have to splurge for business or first class. Economy air travel is pretty much the same as Greyhound.

I sat in coach internationally recently, cramped into a tiny seat, next to an old bat talking my ear off, and with a Chinese couple's rabid barking dog (a pet or a snack?) tucked into the floorspace of the seat behind me.

If you're stuck in coach, like I almost always am, the one thing that can make your flight marginally better these days is to request Kosher meals. You get your food ten or twenty minutes before the other poor folks in coach, and the food is usually, but not always, tastier than the regular meals.

I took some pictures recently of what you get in a Kosher meal. Here's the one you get coming out of Beijing. Before unwrapping:

After unwrapping. Salmon and vegetables:

Some fruit:

Desert number one, peaches with some kind of cream filled chocolate roll:

Desert number two, a chocolate brownie:

Another kosher meal, this one prepared by the airline rather than contracted from a Kosher vendor. It wasn't as tasty, but it was healthy:

And a Kosher breakfast, prepared by the airline rather than contracted. This one has smoked salmon, pancakes with cherries, some fruit, a muffin, and bread.

Overall, it's still crappy airline food, but not as crappy as the regular food, and it doesn't cost you anything extra.


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