May 10, 2009

China mysteries: headlight habits of car drivers

If you do any significant amount of driving yourself around China, you'll quickly notice some of the headlight habits of the local population. Namely:
  • No headlights used during rain (standard operating procedure should be to always turn the headlights on whenever you use the wipers, no matter how light the rain may be)
  • No headlights used at all during the day time (Turning your lights on during the daytime can make your car more visible to oncoming traffic on windy country roads. It's surprising that no one in China has their lights on during the day given that automatic daytime running lights are a standard feature these days in new cars.)
  • High beams used at all times by around 80% of the cars driving at night (There's nothing like being completely blinded whenever a car passes you in the opposite direction. I guess the driving schools omit the lecture on considerate use of high beams.)
  • Motorcycles don't use their lights during the day (California motorcycle safety class would teach you that you should always run with your high beam on during the day for increased visibility)

So in summary, there's less headlight usage during the day than there should be, and way too much headlight usage at night. Bizarre.


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