May 8, 2009

China mysteries: biscuits at KFC

I was at a KFC in Beijing the other day. It occurred to me that they've left two of the best things off the menu at KFCs in China: biscuits and coleslaw. These two sides go perfectly with greasy fried chicken. At KFC in Beijing, I usually go with a small mash potatoes and gravy, which is tiny compared to what they give in the US, and a corn salad. The corn salad is made with carrots, corn, and celery mixed with a mayonnaise-based sauce. It's not quite up to par with the regular coleslaw.

I think Chinese consumers would really dig biscuits and coleslaw. It's a shame they've left that off the localized menus here.


Blogger Jason Raish said...

yes i am wondering where the biscuits are. they are the best part.

9:46 PM  
Blogger 木冉_Reya said...

I want to eat biscuits now~

1:50 AM  

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