Apr 23, 2009

Where's my brownie melts?

So I'm reading this article in the Free Press the other day about the joker who got arrested on suspicion of throwing some fake pipe bombs into the parking lot of a casino, and to the right side of the web page I see this catchy McDonald's advertisement for something called "brownie melts":

I say to myself, "this looks pretty good, a brownie dripping with chocolate and frosting, maybe some coffee to wash it down". I make a point to go to McDonald's later in the week. So when I go to McDonald's today to get my lunch, I'm disappointed to find that my local Beijing franchise doesn't have the brownie melts.

They've just got the same old yucky localized pies... Red bean pie -- it looks like someone threw up on your plate:

"Fragrant taro" pie, looks like something that came out of a Smurf:

Where's my brownie melts, McDonalds? Look how delicious this thing looks. Somebody was nice enough to post a photo on Flickr. I think it looks even better than in the ad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd try the Fragrant taro pie. I love eating heliotrope-colored foods. You just don't find them in many fast-food restaurants.

10:19 AM  

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