Apr 13, 2009

Beer in Beijing

There's good imported beer to be had in Beijing if you know where to look. They have Duvel as well as Orval Trappist Ale at The Tree. Hoegaarden is available at more than a few places, like the Kro's Nest. I even saw Brooklyn East IPA at Fish Nation in Sanlitun.

These bars and restaurants are great when you're out on the town, but what do you drink for regular occasions? The variety of beer at Beijing supermarkets is pretty consistent. Here's a ranking of the beers that I've seen frequently at grocery stores, restaurants, and lower end bars, ranked from best to worst according to their grade on beeradvocate.com:

Carlsberg C
Heineken C
Tiger C
Harbin C
Tsingtao C-
Coors C-
Asahi Super Dry C-
Tsingtao Pure Draft C-
Yanjing C-
Corona Extra D
Beijing Beer Original Draft D-
Budweiser D+
Sol D+
Five Star D+
Laoshan D+
Snow F
As you can see, the locally available beers range from "mediocre" to "avoid", but there's a few there that will get you by until you visit a specialty bar.


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