Mar 9, 2009

Naval fracas

This incident is almost the exact thing from 2001 with the spy plane collision over Hainan island, this time with ships instead of planes. Prior to the Beijing Olympics, I wrote a sarcastic post about how the local cadres must have little meetings to decide where to rip down trees in Beijing. I envision the same sort of meeting taking place for this naval business. (I'm lazy, so I'll reuse my pictures from before).

Picture the scene. It's a stuffy meeting room with a hanging cloud of cigarette smoke. There are a bunch of guys wearing identical looking outfits crowded around a table. They're drinking tea from white ceramic tea mugs with lids. An legal pad is on the table in front of each one. Suddenly, one of the guys pipes up with an idea:

The head guy says, "Let's hear it, Mr. Zhang."

Mr. Zhang proclaims, "Well, the Americans got this new Obama fella in office. He seems really sharp, but we oughta give him a little test. Feel him out a little, you know, like boxers at the start of a bout. For some time now, the Americans have had some ships running underwater reconnaissance right off our maritime border. It's a little too close for comfort. Let's get a little physical with these guys like in 2001 when Bush just got into office. But let's stick to the water this time instead of in the air."

The head guy raises his hand in a thumbs-up gesture and says, "Excellent idea Zhang, excellent. No sense in changing the game plan when the old plan worked so well. We can use the time we saved to do something fun, like go to a KTV bar and get some escorts. Excellent work, gentlemen, meeting adjourned. KTV is my treat."

And a New York Times story is made.


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