Mar 25, 2009


If you're a g├╝ero traveling outside the first tier cities in China, you're going to be stared at a lot. If you're by yourself, or in a very small group, the countryside locals will shout stuff at you to try and get a reaction. This is nothing new at all if you've spent more than two days traveling here. It's just something you have to either adjust to, ignore, or block out with your iPod.

Anyway, we ran into this cheerful fellow near Wutaishan. I must have had a million people yell "Hello!" at me since visiting China for the first time, but this guy was one of the most hilarious I've encountered. I made a little video to prolong my amusement. I'm still trying to figure out if this guy is:
  • slightly effeminate, and this is his normal speaking voice and body language
  • trying to taunt me
  • trying to impress his friends with his vast knowledge of English greetings

[proxy link to video ]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've lived here almost a year, and I'm still trying to figure this out. I've tried talking to people that say 'Hello!', and often that's a bust- they just giggle. But pretending like I don't hear them seems arrogant, despite the hundreds of times I do it.

Sometimes they're nice folks and they want to talk to the ugly westerner. Sometimes it just seems that they want to see if they can make the monkey talk. Young guys are the worst. I've yet to find an optimal strategy for the random calls of 'Hello!'.

8:54 AM  

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