Mar 30, 2009

Concert: Battles at MAO Livehouse

Saw a very good concert Friday night, Battles at MAO Livehouse. This was a great live show, with really good music. I wasn't very familiar with the band's work prior to the show, but they've got some good songs I'll be putting on my iPod. The music sounds much better on a system that has good bass, so don't attempt to enjoy it on the build-in speakers on your laptop.

At the show there was a very authentic concert atmosphere with a miniature mosh pit, a couple crowd surfers, and even the opportunity to get a nice contact buzz if you were standing in the right place.

Does the lead singer remind anyone else of South Park creator Matt Stone?

The drummer is awesome (lower left corner of the photo below). I thought he was going to give himself a heart attack five minutes into their set, he was so wound up and sweaty. One thing though, with that polo shirt he was wearing, he reminded me a little too much of Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore.

One of the warm-up acts prior to Battles was a local group consisting of three girls, Ourself Beside Me. More than a few articles give this group favorable reviews, but they were just abysmal when I heard them. After ten minutes into their set, most everyone in the audience had enough with them and were giving them strong encouragement (Get the f*** out of here, F*** off, etc.) to finish up. As far as the music went, just off the top of my head, what I can recall was that the bassist played half the set with her back to the audience, almost all of band's vocals were mumbly and unamplified, and their harmonicas were almost inaudible when they tried to incorporate them.

The benefit of having Ourself Beside Me play right before Battles was that they made the main act seem even more outstanding in contrast. As unfavorable as that review sounds, I'd still be willing to give another chance to a Ourself Beside Me live performance in the future. Maybe they were having a bad night, or the venue was too large for them.

Check out the bass player in the middle, back to the audience:

The lead singer blows, while blowing into a harmonica:

[Photos: borrowed from here]


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