Feb 23, 2009

People Under The Stairs

People Under the Stairs, a hip hop group from LA, did a small show at Yugong Yishan here in Beijing recently. Great live show, nice audience interaction, and high energy. The overall vibe was kind of like a George Clinton show on a smaller scale. Here's a full review with some photos.

I'd love to see one of their shows in California. At Yugong Yishan, I smelled just one or two people lighting up in the audience, and it seemed to be quickly extinguished. I reckon that the owners of the club are extremely paranoid about getting hauled off to a Chinese jail for 12-36 months. There was a drug raid in Beijing before the Olympics in Sanlitun, and the owners got some jail time for consenting to drug use on their premises. Strange to go to a hip hop show and not getting at least a contact buzz from the big cloud lingering above the audience.

Anyway, it was good music and a great show. I think I'll put some of their stuff on rotation on my iPod in the coming weeks.

[Photo borrowed from here]


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