Feb 25, 2009

McDonald's cows

I had a craving for Chicken McNuggets with sweet n sour sauce the other day. I'm usually good with the 5-piece, but this time I doubled up and got 10 pieces.

You know how when you do your own oil change for your car, you drain the old motor oil out of your car, dump it down the sewer, change the filter, and pour in several quarts of fresh, clear motor oil? After that, verything looks so clean and fresh, and the engine is happy to be all lubricated. I swear that's how my mouth and my gut felt after my McNuggets and fries. Nice and greasy from all the fat and oil.

I was a little freaked out by the McDonald's placemats they have recently. I asked the cashier chick to give me an extra one so I could scan it. Check this out:

The right side says something like, "lively beef makes you more lively". (Note: 活力 means "vitality" in English, which I think is close enough to "lively" or "energetic". But it would sound like Chinglish written by a third-grader if I translated it as "the vitality beef make you more vitality")

I guess McDonald's is promoting how lean and healthy their beef is, so they've created some anthropomorphic cows. The cute cows stare at you from your paper placemat with their big brown eyes, doing human activities like skateboarding, lifting weights, and aerobics. I don't think I would have been able to finish my meal had I ordered a hamburger. It makes you feel like you're a borderline cannibal, devouring these cuddly, relatable cows. As it were, I was eating tasty processed chicken chunks that resemble nothing close to a living creature, so I was ok.

I have no desire to become a vegetarian, but if someone was on the fence about it, these humanlike cows might just tip them over the edge. Check out some better images I borrowed from this blog:


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