Jan 21, 2009

Obama inauguration

I watched a little of this inauguration business on CNN, but wasn't motivated enough to stay up to watch it live. It was shown in the early morning here in Beijing. The photos and videos all over the web are enough to get the feel of what it must have been like.

I just saw this photo set on CNN.com. What do you see that's wrong in this picture below?

If you answered, "them Frenchmen hung the American flag backwards", then you're correct. Instead of taking another bong hit, what these five study abroad kids need to do is turn their butts around, walk five feet to that shop front, and flip the flag so the union is in the upper right.

...and another great example of a person treating the flag in the exact opposite way that it is supposed to be:

Yep, twist and wrap the flag up like a pretzel and use it as a scarf. Real display of class and respect. I hope no one with a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan sees that photo.


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