Jan 23, 2009

Free drinks

One of last weekend's events we stopped by was the opening of a new bar called The Stumble Inn, near Chaoyang park all the way across town.

Things I liked about the opening:
  • All you can drink, free Stella Artois on draft, San Miguel bottles, plus a bunch of mixed drinks with bottom-shelf liquor (rum, whiskey, vodka)
  • Attentive staff. No one gave me any guff about going to the bar to get two pints of beer, then coming back ten minutes later to get another one plus a cuba libre, and then coming back again ten minutes later to get a screwdriver and a whiskey.
  • Guitar Hero hooked up in the basement of the bar, free for all to play. I discovered that my skill level improves as I drink more.
  • Hall & Oates greatest hits collection on rotation on the PA system
One thing I didn't like, was the path to the restroom in the lower level of the restaurant. You have to go across a two-foot high, six-foot long arcing wooden bridge, which passes over a small pond. It's absolutely fine when you're sober and have your motor skills, but it's a little too difficult of an obstacle course to put in a bar.

Overall, I like this bar, and I would go back. The main problem is that it's way across town, where the upper class expatriates live, so it'll have to be a once and a while bar for me.


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