Dec 28, 2008

Detroit photos

Here's some brief photo impressions of a trip through Detroit this weekend.

Ambassador Bridge drive-by:

Interracial angel love (SE corner of W. Fort St. and 1st St.):

Stained glass window near Lafayette Coney Island:

Graffiti paper towel dispenser, basement men's room of Lafayette Coney Island:

Graffiti fluorescent light, basement men's room of Lafayette Coney Island:


Anonymous Greg said...

I also was in Layfette Coney Island last week. You should consider taking photographs of Belle Isle, The Train Station and Buddy's Pizza at Six Mile and Connant.

You have a terrific blog. I am from Detroit, live in Beijing and L.A. and enjoy your blog.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Eric said...


Good suggestions, I'll put them on the to-do list for next trip.

5:50 PM  

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