Nov 9, 2008


Even in the midst of the melamine-milk product scandal that continues to go on in China, I still try to make a cup of yogurt part of my balanced breakfast. Check out this new flavor I found recently:

Looking at the picture of the fruit in the lower half of the packaging, you'd be correct to guess that this is strawberry-raspberry flavor yogurt -- a delicious combination indeed. The Chinese characters, 草莓 and 树莓, also indicate that it's strawberry-raspberry flavor. The English translation, however, had me quite confused.

If you went by the English wording alone, you might wonder what this bramble flavor tastes like. Until I looked the word up, I thought bramble meant "prickly weeds" or something like thistle. I have to say, they've used the word bramble completely correct in this situation. Based on my experience with yogurt flavors, though, it was really out of place and sounded very strange. For your reference:

1: any of a genus (Rubus) of usually prickly shrubs of the rose family including the raspberries and blackberries ; also : the fruit of a bramble
2: a rough prickly shrub or vine

Who would've thunk? You can increase your English knowledge living in China. Not to mention, I think I must be building up a good melamine tolerance -- either that, or I'm building up a good-sized kidney stone.


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