Nov 13, 2008


I saw this article on CNN today, it got me thinking about this Yo-Yo Ma dude. It always got my goat that this guy is ripping off Yo-Yo the rapper and building his own celebrity on her past success in the hip-hop world. Where are the CNN articles on Yo-Yo the rapper? Why all this favoritism for the non-rapping Yo-Yo?

Up until a couple years ago, I actually thought that Yo-Yo Ma was Yo-Yo, and the rapper was just adding extra words onto her name for effect, similar to when Puff Daddy cycled through "P. Diddy", "Puffy", and "Diddy". It was a real let down to find out that Yo-Yo Ma was a name plagiarizer, like the young Chinese fellow I met once in Yangshuo, who chose "Nicolas Cage" as his English name.

If you were to meet the two Yo-Yos in person, it's easy to tell who's the real one.

The real deal:

The faker:

Look at the dude's double bass. It's clearly a miniaturized imitation of the real thing -- as fake as a three-dollar bill.

Now that we're all worked up and our blood pressures are sky high, let's chill out with the best Yo-Yo song, featured in the notable film Boyz in the Hood. You can find the song here.


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