Nov 7, 2008

Electoral-night scenario toy: actual results

I posted a couple weeks ago about a fun on line toy to simulate different election-night scenarios. Here's a comparison of what I guessed and what actually happened:

Original guess, Oct. 23, 2008:

Actual results:

So, the states I guessed incorrectly were:
  • Florida
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
With the exception of Wisconsin, these are all southern states. I had assumed that they would vote Republican due to historical reasons and shared cultural values. (Note: Indiana and Ohio might not have been in the Confederacy, but yes, they are southern states -- they talk with some kind of southern accent down there.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any election result guessing-pool around the office, so I don't know how good of a guesser I am compared to my peers. Also, being in China, no one really cares too much about this particular election. It get a little more attention than the selection of a new Chinese president would get in the US, but it's not a topic that people talk about around the water cooler.


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