Nov 19, 2008

California's version of Kwame

Detroit's not the only place with corrupt officials. San Francisco has it's own version of Kwame Kilpatrick -- Ed Jew, a former city supervisor. He finally plead guilty this week.

Harris filed nine felony charges against Jew for allegedly lying about where he lived to run for office and vote in San Francisco elections. As part of Tuesday's plea to a single perjury count for lying about his address on nomination papers for the Board of Supervisors, which Harris called the most serious charge, the remaining counts were dropped.

Federal prosecutors have said they also had a video recording of Jew accepting $40,000 in $100 bills. Investigators found $10,000 of that wrapped in tin foil in the freezer of Jew's Burlingame home, officials said.

So don't feel bad, Detroit. California's got incompetent government officials lying and stealing, just like you do.


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