Oct 5, 2008

What is this building supposed to resemble?

I've had quite a few debates with different people as to what the Pangu Plaza building in Beijing is supposed to look like. So far, we've been trying to figure out if it's meant to be an Olympic torch, a busty maiden, or a perhaps a dragon. Here's the aerial view, with the Olympic park in the background:

According to the New York Times, it's shaped like a dragon. My feeling is, if it's supposed to be a dragon, paint the whole complex green and add some red glowing eyes. If it's a torch, add a flame at the top. If it's a busty maiden, add a bra or a dress, or something.

Here's my artist's rendition of the direction I think they could take this in. All it would require is a few thousand cans of spray paint. Afterward, there'd be no more confusion. Here we go:

An arm and a hand holding a torch:

A grinning green dragon:

Finally, the busty maiden — my personal favorite:

Any more creative ideas?


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