Oct 31, 2008

Halloween special: gruesome meat market photos

Happy Halloween everyone! I've been saving this photo set special for Halloween this year. These are some photos I took at the wet market in Yangshuo, Guangxi province in September. It was a spectacular market if you wanted to get some gory and grotesque pictures.

In the back of this market, there were disemboweled dog carcasses hanging from hooks. The bloodied horns and jaws of water buffalo lay in coagulating blood and tissues scattered about on tables. The smell of half-day old fresh meat and blood permeated the air. Walking thorough this market for five minutes, I got just about as nauseous as I care to be.

Without any further build up, here we go, my Best of Halloween Photo Set. Being the considerate gentleman that I am, I've shrunk down the thumbnail photos, converted them to black and white, and pixelated them a bit to make them hard to see clearly from my main blog page. I'm not going to force any sensitive people to look at anything disturbing. You can make your own choice. If you really want to see these pictures in higher resolution, full-color, just click on each picture.

Be warned, it's not pretty. These are pictures that are sure to gross-out any vegetarians, vegans, dog lovers, and anyone else with a weak stomach.

Butchered dog heads in a tray

Below: Close up of some bloody, butchered dog heads

Below: Water buffalo horns and jaws on a table, lying in a pool of blood

Below: Close up of water buffalo jaw and some blood

Below: The grossest one of all... disemboweled dog on a meat hook. Nasty!

Click here to view.

Hope that wasn't too gross for anyone.

Happy Halloween!


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