Oct 16, 2008

Dinner at Blu Lobster

For my birthday dinner splurge, we finally got to try out Blu Lobster. The restaurant has been around about a year now, and I've read about it in quite a few places. This post and this post are pretty similar to what we experienced. In fact, there was an article just the other day in the China Daily about the place as well.

Overall, Blu Lobster was a very nice dining experience. They have very creative dishes, most of them pretty tasty. My favorite ones would have to be the lobster bisque, and the egg yolk-filled ravioli. Here's some photos.

Fresh oyster served inside half of a green orange. I have to say, this was the only item that didn't quite work. I think the Swan Oyster Depot type of plain Jane style works best, but putting an oyster inside of citrus was cute.

Vegetable salad over fruit salad, topped with a poached egg yolk. Having made no small number of poached eggs myself, I can appreciate the technique here. The inside of the yolk was still runny, and they did an excellent job in making sure that the finished product got from the kitchen to the table, preserving the different temperatures of the hot egg and the cool salad, without anything breaking.

Aerated lobster bisque, served in a cocktail glass. This was very good, nice and spicy. Big chunks of lobster meat at the bottom. I imagine this isn't far off from Soup Nazi lobster bisque.

Fish with some foamy sauce and some creamy sauce:

Prime rib and the much written-about yolk-filled, spinach ravioli. The prime rib was just good, the ravioli was very unique.

Chocolate fondant, and basil ice cream. Very nice flavor and temperature contrast.


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