Oct 16, 2008

Cleaning lady musical chairs

I've got a cleaning lady to make my life easier. She comes by once a week in the mornings and cleans while I'm doing some conference calls for work. I have her mop the floors, wipe the dust off the cabinets, wipe down the tables, and clean the kitchen and bathroom. She gets paid ten kuai an hour, and finishes the job in about two hours. This ends up costing me a total of $2.92 each week, a fair price indeed, in my opinion.

I only need her to come by once a week to clean, but other people hire similar cleaning ladies to do all manner of housework. They might even have them cook and take the kids to school. Recently, my cleaning lady let me know she couldn't make it during the week anymore, as she'd gotten a full-time gig with a regular family. She could still clean for me, she said, but only on the weekend.

Since the whole point of the cleaning lady was to help me multitask, while I'm already doing stuff for my work, I told her I'm going to look for another one that can come by during a more convenient time for me.

Cleaning lady number two came from the same placement agency where I got the previous one. She called me ten minutes before she was supposed to be at my apartment; she was at an apartment complex a half mile away with a name similar to the one where I lived. I gave her directions over the phone and she ended up getting to my door twenty minutes later.

Right after she came through the door, cleaning lady number two tells me, "I'll clean for you today, but I'm not coming back after this. Your place is too far for me." I tell her, fine, thanks for coming, and I show her around my mops and cleaning supplies.

Next week I'll be getting another replacement. I've called twice to make sure that the placement agency has made clear to the next cleaning lady where exactly I live, and to try their best to have the same person come by consistently.

We'll see how it goes. Hopefully we have less cleaning lady turnover in the coming weeks.


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