Sep 6, 2008

A tribute: goodbye, great mayor

This past week we started to bid farewell to the Great Mayor of the City of Detroit, the Honorable Kwame M. Kilpatrick. He is a great man and leader, and someone we'll always remember. Kilpatrick came up from a hard environment to become the charismatic leader of one of the leading cities in our great country, and he will be sorely missed.

On that note, I dug up some photos from Halloween a couple years ago. At that time, Mayor Kilpatrick was already demonstrating his excellent leadership and continuous effort to improve the City. ¹ As a tribute to Kwame, I carved a pumpkin in his likeness. On Halloween night when displaying the Kwame pumpkin, I set a small plaque next to it which read "The Honorable Kwame M. Kilpatrick, Mayor of the City of Detroit". The pumpkin got rave reviews from the neighborhood Halloween-goers.

Here's the Kwame pumpkin next to a Nightmare Before Christmas character pumpkin I also carved:

The Kwame pumpkin, back lit with a candle. I'm absolutely amazed at my pumpkin carving skills. This was the first time I carved such an elaborate, custom-made design, and it came out better than I could have imagined. I'm so pleased to have given such an outstanding tribute to such an outstanding mayor.

A close up of the Kwame pumpkin, in full light:

Kwame, you were a great addition to the City of Detroit, and we're all going to miss you. I hope that your replacement will be able to live up to the same standards of excellence that you demonstrated during your service to the City.

On another topic: at present, I still consider myself undecided in the upcoming Presidential election. I need to make a decision quickly, so I have started to research some of the candidates. This video ad caught my attention. It shows the Democratic party nominee, Barack Hussein Obama, together with Kwame Kilpatrick, lavishing praise on our outstanding leader and great mayor. I'm think that since Mr. Obama and I both hold Kilpatrick in such high regard, I can trust his good judgement in other areas, for example, foreign policy. I have to say that for now, I'm definitely leaning towards Obama. In my eyes, he's clearly demonstrated his good decision making and leadership. To be continued.


¹ Even though I suspected Kwame might want to shoot the polar bears at the Detroit Zoo and make himself a pimpin' trench coat out of their skins, I thought that for the most part he was doing the right things for Detroit and for the State.


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