Sep 29, 2008

Guangxi photos

Some Guangxi photos from Guilin, Yangshuo, and Longji rice terraces.

Southern Chinese like to play card games with long, skinny, playing cards that look like bookmarks. I might just locate a pack of them cards to use for bookmarks.

Snakes, in the cage above, and bamboo rats, in the cage below, in the live food area of a restaurant in Guilin. I mostly ordered local fish dishes, like beer fish. However, I'm sure that the rat was equally delicious.

Pagodas in Guilin:

During the tour boat ride from Guilin to Yangshuo, local vendors would wait in the river on bamboo rafts. As the tour boats would go by, they would increase their speed and latch onto the side of the boat like remoras, selling their junk to tourists. Here's a guy trying to sell a cabbage-shaped item... not really sure what it is.

This is one of the scenic spots along the river, Nine Horse Rock. Apparently there's shapes of nine galloping horses that you can spot on the face of the rock.

Man in Yangshuo offering to let tourists take photos with his cormorant.

Climbing out of the mud bath in Buddha Water Cave in the countryside of Yangshuo. There's nothing more relaxing than sprawling out in silty, cold mud. I can see why I was the only one in our five person group that volunteered to go into the muck pit.

A common souvenir the vendors were selling in Guilin and Yangshuo was a nice, embroidered "Venice" tote bag, that had been re-embroidered with the Chinese characters for "Guilin":

Boxers or briefs? Boxers and briefs? Check out these guys damming up a small stream, and take your pick.

Scenic view in the countryside near Yangshuo:

Old man and his cormorants in Yangshuo:

Yangshuo meal, including Guilin mifen, local snails, and beer fish:

Yao women in Longji, demonstrating how they wind up their long hair:

Hogs in mud in some farmer's hut in Longji:

Local woman working the field in Longji:

Terrace view in Longji:

Morning view from the hotel in Longji:

Given our small group size, the travel agency arranged a Guilin taxi driver in a Volkswagen Santana to take us from Yangshuo to Longji, then back to Guilin, about six hours of driving total. Good thing it was part of a package price, or this would have been the most expensive taxi ride, ever in China (about $225).


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