Aug 3, 2008

Who's first to the Olympic village?

I took a bike ride by the Olympic park the other day to see what's new. Since my last bike ride through there, what I noticed was:
  • The Authorities used banners and flags to cover up the east side of the pedestrian overpass nearby the Bird's Nest stadium. A few weeks ago, many tourists were stopped on the overpass taking photos and gawking. Apparently they wanted to prevent people from dawdling there and obstructing pedestrian traffic.
  • Some of the apartments in the Olympic village are inhabited and they've got various flags hanging from the windows. I had a fun time trying to figure out which countries these flags belong to.
Let's take a look and see who got to the Olympic village first.

This photo is of the southeast corner of the Olympic village. On the left side of the photo below, you can see the Mexicans have a big flag strung out between two windows. Reminds me of Cinco de Mayo day in California.

On the far right you can see the Italians have a few smaller flags.

Not to be outdone by the Mexicans, the Brazilians brought their own huge flag. This flag competition must be a Latin American thing.

Germans with their Bundesdienstflagge.

What's this flag that looks like a Russian flag with a neat little doodle on it? Why it's Slovakia. I had to look that one up.

And this one? Namibia. There's a No Reservations episode set there where Bourdain eats warthog's rectum.

And finally, another flag I had to look up, photographed through the security fence: Belarus.


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