Aug 10, 2008

Opening ceremonies: more photos

The most tedious part of the Olympic opening ceremony is the athletes' parade. It takes them about two hours to file in. Here's a few panoramas of the process I took from during the whole process as the stadium filled up.

This next one is a close up of the Bird's Nest stitched together out of two photos. The stadium always reminds me of the intergalactic transportation machine they build in the movie Contact. It was so darn hot in that stadium with the bunches of 1200 watt lights and low air circulation, I was hoping they'd teleport us some air conditioning, or at least a small breeze. There were two or three of these high-end projectors about three feet in front of me, blasting their hot exhaust towards me almost for the whole performance. I had to drink three liters of water during the ceremony to keep myself hydrated.


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