Aug 24, 2008

Olympics: marathon

One of the last events in the Olympics is the men's marathon. Lucky for me, the course takes it a stone's throw from my apartment. I got up at the crack of dawn (actually 8:30 AM) to make some coffee and wait by the roadside for a while.

Isn't he cute? I hope he doesn't turn into a fenqing.

Drink tables set up for different countries' runners, here's Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA:

Polska, Polska, Polska! Yeah! I actually yelled that pretty loud when their two runners made it by. No shortage of stares and giggles from the locals. Same reaction when I yelled USA, USA, USA!

Pace car:

This next car gave me a laugh. Look at all these fancy pants photographers they've got crammed on the back of a Chinese work truck!

I wonder how those lead runners enjoyed sucking down the diesel fumes from this truck as they followed behind it.

I took a photo of a number of runners, this is one of the ones that came out ok.

Here's some screenshots from the NBC broadcast of the marathon as it made it's way down the street by my place. (Watch it here, and fast forward to about 1:06:00 into the video stream, around 1:45:00 into the race itself)


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