Aug 20, 2008

Olympics: gymnastics finals

Here's some pictures from the finals of the gymnastics men's parallel bars, women's beam, and horizontal bar finals. I saw myself briefly on TV when I watched the replay on NBC of the women's beam portion.

The stadium is a lot smaller than I had thought. I had envisioned an area the size of a football field where you could barely see what's going on across from you, but the floor area was closer to the size of a hockey rink. Great view of the balance beam and medal ceremonies. Here's a panorama of the inside of the stadium, click for a larger photo.

Shawn Johnson practicing her routine:

Shawn Johnson's gold medal balance beam routine:

Nastia Liukin
, silver medalist:

Medal ceremony:

There's almost nothing as good as an American gold medal and an American silver medal in the same event, and getting to hear the national anthem:

Smiley girl. She'll definitely get a ton of endorsements out of this, she seems very personable. I was close enough in the stands that when I yelled out some words of congratulations afterwards I had them looking my way.

Jonathan Horton's silver medal horizontal bar routine:

Gold medal winner of the parallel bars, Xiaopeng Li:

As an added bonus, there was a men's trampoline final, a relatively new Olympic event.

Gymnastics was a really fun event to attend. I'm surprised how intimate the venue seemed, and how quickly everything moved. For each event, it only took about thirty minutes from start to finish for everyone to complete their routines and for the judges to determine the winner.


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