Aug 22, 2008

Olympic lunch boxes

I ate one of these self-heating MREs the other week before I saw the 100 meter final. Check out this nice video on the Wall Street Journal's site. The Beijing Olympic committee really lost a big money-making opportunity during this Olympics. There's just not much edible food available at the venues. They could have set up a hot dog stand or even sold microwaved Hot Pockets and made a ton of money.

The instant meal in the video tastes pretty bad. I would say as bad or a little worse than airline food. I say "a little worse", because it wasn't just chicken meat that was included in the meal, they also included some bone fragments, rubbery skin, and other hard bits. I'm glad that for the most part I was smart enough to stuff myself on regular food before heading into the Olympic venues, and then just eating some snacks when I'm inside.


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