Aug 14, 2008

Olympics: boxing prelims

Here's some photos from the light flyweight and super heavyweight prelim I went to the other night. The seats we had were pretty close to as good as you could get. They didn't seat anyone on the floor near the ring like they do for professional matches.

I don't think this event could have been much better. In addition to a few good boxing matches, they had a decent selection of beer: Budweiser, Yanjing, or Tsingdao, 5 RMB (73 cents US) a can. (Another American had the same comments about the beer selection on his blog, I noticed after writing this entry.)

The first fight had Amnat Ruenroeng, the Thai fighter who had a 15-year prison sentence and got out after only a year so he could box.

Here's Luis Yanez from the US. Before this fight started, I had to tell the Chinese family behind me to control their child and stop kicking our seats. My comments to them, combined with the fact that I pulled out my huge US flag and blocked everyone's view for a minute or two when Yanez appeared, resulted in the mother encouraging her seven year old daughter to continuously yell out "Let's go Spain!" (西班牙加油!) whenever we started cheering "U-S-A, U-S-A". Pretty funny. It was a good idea for them to cheer for Spain, since there was a clear majority of Americans over Spaniards in the stadium. Spain needed the encouragement.

Zhang Zhilei, the only Chinese fighter on the ticket. This was just an embarassing fight. Zhang beat the guy 15 to 0. This is one disadvantage to going to a prelim: lopsided fights.

Kobe Bryant, wearing a grey shirt in the photo below, popped in to the VIP section for about 10 minutes when Roberto Cammarelle was fighting. He had a huge posse with him, probably to prevent basketball fans from swarming him for autographs.

Kobe's been to alot of events, and the camera always pans to him. He's a big celebrity in China.

Check out this page with a lot of photos from events he's been too: swimming, soccer, beach volleyball. Here's one from a soccer match he went to the same day as the boxing match, you can see he's wearing the same grey shirt in the photo below and the one I took.


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