Aug 15, 2008

If you don't have Olympic tickets... can plop yourself in front of the television sets at a Beijing Wal-Mart:

I stopped by my neighborhood Wal-Mart today to pick up some essentials, and I just had to snap a photo of this. Unless the Super Bowl or World Series was going on, I don't think you'd ever see this type of scene in the US. And definitely, definitely not for the event that they're viewing: badminton. (in this case, it's a men's badminton singles semifinal between a Korean and a Malaysian)

In the US, we don't gather around televisions to watch Olympic badminton. We play badminton ourselves in our backyards, on grass, along with similar Olympic sports, such as lawn darts, bocce, and horseshoes, especially on July 4th and Labor Day.

The cultural differences amaze me.


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