Jul 8, 2008

Yee haw, dog ropin'

As I was browsing The Beijing News (新京报) during my lunch today, I came across a black and white photo of what could be a demonstration sport at this year's Olympics: dog roping. I found color versions of the photos on Sina.

As a dog lover, these photos were a bit unsettling to me. Stray or no stray, this technique doesn't look like the best way to round up dogs. Couldn't they just get a big fish net?

It looks like this event is a riot for the Chinese motorcycle cowboys, but it's decidedly unpleasant for the poor dogs getting strangled and hogtied with wire.

Original caption:

My translation:
”On July 4, 2008, a dog catching team member captures a stray dog.“

Original text: "2008年7月4日,福建惠安县崇武镇,几名抓捕队的人员正在街头抓捕流浪狗。针对夏天流浪狗较多、经常发生流浪狗咬人的事件,当地相关部门特地组建了抓捕队,上街抓捕流浪狗。"

My translation:
”On July 4, 2008 in Chong-wu village, in Hui-an county, Fujian province, several members of the local dog catching team are capturing stray dogs on the street. There are comparatively more stray dogs in the summer, and more reports of stray dogs biting people. Local departments have set up dog catching teams that take to the streets and capture the stray dogs."

Side note: since I've taken the liberty of translating a random Chinese news article into English, ala Danwei, the blog that takes itself so seriously that it believes it's a legitimate news source, is this blog now a legitimate news source also?


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