Jul 25, 2008

Olympic ticket madness

Can you believe the lengths some of these people were willing to go through to get their hands on the remaining Olympic tickets? These people literally camped out for almost two days. Countless more lined up in the following days, and I think most of them walked away empty-handed. There just weren't enough tickets to go around.

Here's a couple English articles:
These are some interesting photos I borrowed from some Chinese news sites:

To all these people, I have to ask a few questions: Do you have jobs? Did you not realize there were already three ticket application sessions, and you could have gotten tickets online through the relative comfort of the Internet? There were a lot more good tickets available back then — plan ahead next time. Finally, do you realize that waiting two days in line means that you've given up two days of salary (assuming you're employed), and that you've not purchased just a 30 kuai ticket, your ticket now far exceeds 30 kuai since it includes the income you would have earned had you not been waiting in line. You'd have been better off buying from a scalper or hiring a peasant to wait in line for you.

Here's some panoramas I stitched together with photos I took myself of some of the lines (click to enlarge). I had a short time between morning meetings and I did a quick bicycle ride around some of the Olympic venues. It was a refreshing break to bath in the heat and humidity, and inhale the tasty Beijing smog. The main box office by the Bird's Nest was overcrowded and had been closed off by the police well before I arrived. The first panorama below is the line to get wrestling tickets (will Hulk Hogan be there?), and the second panorama is the line to get archery and tennis tickets. I saw a few White Men in the wrestling line. They had thick necks and looked like wrestlers, so I suspect they endured the huge line and boredom because they like the sport so much.

Wrestling tickets:

Archery and tennis:


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