Jul 29, 2008

The farmer's blow

My walk home from work often takes me through a short alleyway with some questionable noodle and stir-fry joints along it. The other day I came up behind a thirty something Chinese man, who had an index finger covering one nostril, and was bent over in the midst of the ubiquitous farmer's blow.

I was going to let it go, but then he did it again, and finally a third time. With the third blow he spewed a viscous stream of cloudy mucous all over the brick wall of the alley. By this time, he had stopped walking, to focus better on the work in question.

As I walked by, I said to him in Chinese, "Damn, buy a Kleenex or something." He raised his head and and stared at me as I walked by, juicy snot peeking out of one nostril and dribbling down his upper lip. He didn't say one word back to me, but yet I suspect that he'll not be changing his nose blowing habits any time soon.


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