Jun 18, 2008

Ikea shopping madness!

Here's some Beijing Ikea photos from a weekend trip. Enjoy!

Sleepy shoppers sprawled out in one of the furniture display areas:

Sleeping like a baby:

Here's a very low cost, 18-piece dish set for only CNY 29 ($4.21). It's almost free, you could buy a bunch of these suckers and use them like Styrofoam picnic plates. Shit-can them when you're done.

Despite the fact that it's a poorly-made $4.21 plate set, and the plates are going to shatter the first time you ding them in the sink, this guy and gal are squatting on the ground, patiently inspecting each piece of the set they are going to buy.

Here's the end result of so many people pawing their way through boxes of plate sets. Litter and chaos everywhere:


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